Saturday, November 8, 2014

Just Do It!

In the brave lands of TV shows, Hollywood cinema and advertising the world is easy. This is famously captured in an old Mickey Rooney film where a particular financial crisis is dealt with by the exclamation "Let's do a show!"

Its that easy.

In the world of business and projects the same type of thinking makes its way, chillingly, across board room tables.

It pops up in seminars and the structured enquiries that we like to call 'workshops'.  It happened to me yesterday.

The moderator of the session ('facilitator') attempted to break an impasse by a Mickey Rooney moment. He asked why didn't we 'just do it'?

I could tell that it wasn't his money on the table.

Just do it? Without a clearly stated business purpose, without an assessment of the scope of the action or the definition of the subject of the action. No mention of costs, resources, or even a structured appreciation of risk or competitor, the Mickey Rooney way was was the best. Leave your mind at the door, toss your experience out the window and just go broke. Not go for broke. But without passing go...go broke.