Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One man band

Another article that thinks the world of business (and by extension, projects) is for prima donnas. At Quality Digest, an article entitled Systems Thinking is hardly about systems at all!

One of the comments posted says it all:
...the article is more about the vicious fiction of personal performance; and not the system that the person/s work in to achieve the organisation's mission. So, completely wrong-headed!
But the author is right in pointing to systems thinking as the source of organisation performance. Top management has to see the organisation as a total mission orientated system that facilitiates people achieving mission oriented outcomes: typically this means serving the customer.
One rule of thumb for a system oriented business is: no voice recognition call centre merry-go-rounds; but customers dealing with people who solve their problem or meet their need.
 [Link in quote added by me]

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