Monday, June 23, 2014

The Sensible 12: No. 5

5. A team that takes ownership in the project will deliver successfully. When a team takes ownership in the project with the enthusiasm to deliver increased value to the customer, that project will be successful. It takes soft skills and leadership by the project manager to foster a unified team, but when successful, great things happen. A team is most effective when they understand the project vision and can gain a passion for the solution and take ownership in delivering that solution.
All fluff. A team doesn't 'take ownership' unless they are investors; pretend 'ownership' is a bit of pop-management rhetoric.
The people who are engaged in delivery have to be committed to their promise to do their job.
The Project Manager has to provide resources, direction, and the organisational setting to facilitate this. We all need to behave honourably, politely and with respect. End of story, or its the end of the story.

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