Monday, August 18, 2014

The Sensible 12: No. 9

9. Project processes must be effective and efficient.
There are two types of processes: those that add value and facilitate repeatability and reliability of a series of tasks, and those that only get in the way and waste time. Projects that are successful must embrace and continually improve those processes that add value, and get rid of those that waste time.
Its right, but I just find the phrase 'add value' to be cliched. I was once asked to give a referral for a contractor I'd used and the prospective project manager asked me if the contractor had done what was required. They had. Then I was asked if the 'added value'. The implication was that they'd done something extra for free. So I had to explain the economics of production to the dill on the phone: yes they added value because they did as they were contracted for their $100k fee. That's the value they added! There's no magic in commerce.

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