Monday, April 20, 2015

Guiding Prinicples 5: Stakeholder partnership

Establish personal connections with stakeholders based on leadership, trust, and credibility.

Relationships deliver projects, as they deliver anything in business. You have to be able to understand the motives and objectives of the people who are interested in the project to navigate the landscape they jointly create for the PM. The connections have to be personal and open: but not crazily open, cannily open is better as you feel you way about the different depths of trust and commitment throughout the project constellation.

I can understand how trust and credibility are at the table in this, but puzzled about ‘leadership’.

Leadership these days is a popular shibboleth for ‘I’m talking serious business, folks’. But I’m neither sure what it means in this context, or how it is applicable.

Maybe we operationalise this idea by directing communications and information flow, advice and insight, even views of the project ‘climate’ relevantly through the members of the project constellation (the ‘stakeholder’ group).

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