Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just don't do it

Don't do what?

Why, use PowerPoint of course.

This evening I was at a formal inauguration of an academic scholarship in honour of a deceased professor of the school (professor means head of department, not just lecturer, as in the USA).

We had PowerPoint for some images related to him and his work...about three I think. During a speech the computer decided time was up and switched itself off. The image projectors declared that there was 'no signal' and joined the sleep circus.

The technical man ran down, woke up the computer, that woke up the projectors, and of course, he had to restart PowerPoint in edit mode, switch to show mode and flick through to the right slide. Pathetic.

Lessons  (or 'learnings', as we like to say today)?
  1. turn off the power saving features of computers before the presentation
  2. make sure the projectors don't go to sleep
  3. save the  PowerPoint in 'show' mode so you don't look like a dork when you start or re-start it, frigging around with the mouse to turn to a slide show (F5 does it better, by the way)
  4. convert the PowerPoint to a video (Quicktime?) and just run it in a loop.
This was at a university with 'technology' in its name...unbelievable!


  1. Another tip is to right-click the file in the folder or Start menu, and choose Show. (So there's no need to save a copy of it as a show.)

    1. True, but still shows the awkward futsing about with the mouse instead of elegantly running straight into the show. Best use of powerpoint I saw was Mark Scott, then ABC chief, also at a presentation at UTS,to business alumni. Started elegantly, he didn't twist around to watch his own slides, but just spoke, and the right image emerged on the screen at the right time.

  2. Yep! They have a communications school too: but there we are; architects not able to use powerpoint, not able to communicate.