Friday, March 25, 2016

10 factors 6: quality

6.    Quality. Understand the expectations of your customer in terms of quality and put a plan in place to meet their expectations.
To borrow from Kant, who taught that  existence is not a predicate, I argue that 'quality' is not a predicate of projects. The correct predicate is 'performance'.

A customer seeks a certain level of performance, and possibly needs the PM's assistance to develop acceptance criteria for the performance sought.

Quality, care of the 'TQM' fad and its relations of past years, is not a thing separate from performance. As soon as it is treated as an overlay on production management failure is being courted because it is an 'add on' not an inherent part of an activity to achieve a performance outcome.

I also wonder at the functional difference between 'plan to meet their expectations' and 'put a plan in place...' The former is a very popular piece of clumsy writing that usually adds nothing to the simple present tense of the verb.

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