Monday, July 14, 2014

The Sensible 12: No. 6

6. The project manager must provide leadership for the team.
The project manager must provide leadership to the project team helping them evolve into a cohesive unit with a clear understand of the project vision. When successful, the team will be able to deliver greater value to the customer than what would be achieved by a leaderless group of individuals.
No. The project manager must manage the project. He or she will facilitate, provide resources, identify the work load, manage stakeholders, report, recommend action, provide information, or catalyse others to obtain information, and above all, will use thier position to move the project along.
Mature professional adults do not need 'leadership' as some exercise of moral superiority, they need coordination, common understanding of roles and responsibilities, and a focus for information and advice. If they are not performing, a conversation is required to identify the concern and resolve it.
Sheep and dogs have leaders, adults in a cooperative social endeavour (work) do not.

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